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Destinee "Semii" Adams
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Meet Semii, a coding teacher with four years of experience. As a TA, she introduced high school students to Raspberry Pi and Python. She later joined a Black Girl Code internship, utilizing Agentsheets for block coding.

In middle school, Semii participated in Tech Prep, a program for girls interested in STEM. Through this three-year program, she discovered her passion for computer science, physics, and engineering. Today, Semii is a computer science major, inspired by her engaging STEM experiences. She aspires to recreate such opportunities for others, empowering their exploration.

Beyond work, she enjoys reading and biking.

Beaei Pardo

Previously Beaei (she/her) was one of two founding co-leads of our nation's #1 rated coding Bootcamp. A member of the original core development team of Amply programming electric bus fleet charging both making a profit and lowering carbon emissions.

In 2022, Beaei lived for four days and nights on and near the steps of the United States Senate which lead to the passage of the PACT Act guaranteeing cancer treatment for 3.5 million previously denied veterans.

Her favorite thing as a teacher is watching learners discover their joy in learning.

Abigail Gellner

Abigail Gellner (she/her) is a software developer, educator, streamer, and podcaster. She has taught web development for the Flatiron School and Code Platoon, and has created software for clients such as Hertz and PODS.

As both a teacher and a developer, she strives to foster inclusion and fight for social justice in the tech industry.

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